If You’re Not Perfect, You Have To Be Patient

So if you have read my other blogs, indieguitaristtoneroom.wordpress.com, or guitarpedaloftheday.wordpress.com, then you know that when it comes to the sound of my guitars in general, I am the most methodical and meticulous person you will ever meet. I am quircky about the way my sound is recorded, and absolutely obsessive about the settings of all my equipment. This 12 year love affair with sound recently hit a brick wall, as I had disassembled my pedalboard to build a bigger one with a sturdier base. I had just recently created a complex guitar rig as well, that I knew in and out, yet “de-wired” everything as to better accommodate the new wiring system. The pedals that sat on the board for years were sat aside for a while, where they apparently had their settings compromised. THIS IS NOT GOOD to a tone freak like me, but I took a deep breath, and re-adjusted everything to how the pictures I had previously provided showed. Now that the board is back together, the sound is not quite the same, but in order to get such a great sound, you must be very, VERY patient. It will be worth it in the end if you are truly obsessed with tone as I am. Oh yeah, and just to top things off, the very expensive expression pedal I ordered came in today… it’s not working right. If you’re not perfect, you have to be patient. I’m apparently the farthest thing from perfect.


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