Life Sometimes Hands You A Lot of Lemons

In the past 6 months, I have been in desperate need of a MacBook Pro for recording and live performances, but could not afford anything close to it. My sister is a Apple-head, who at the time I am writing this, has upgraded her iPad to the new iPad 3, which she claims is easier for her to use than her MacBook. This is great news for me- and became ever better news when she agreed to give it to me for my recording endeavors. I now use her MacBook and Garageband for most of my at home recordings and for soundscapes at shows. I run the headphone jack out of the Mac, through a converter into a 1/4″ cable, and finally into a Vox AC4TV. By playing loops through the AC4TV, I can get very spacey, etherial sounds and can keep the tension of the music constant between songs during a performance. Six months ago,I would have never been able to do this. Life can have an empty fruit stand one day, yet the next could be filled with lemons. Keep your head up- stay positive. 


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