Where’s Your Emotion?

Many of the artists recording and performing much of the music that we listen to on the radio today have forgotten the key element to a successful song. Emotion. Not to say that the can produce a two minute, thirty second pop single that tweens will love for all of 3 weeks, but they so often do not put their soul into their creation. This is something I cannot understand, being that I as a musician have to pour my heart and soul out into whatever is put onto my records. For me, it is not about the making of money, but the feeling of content that only complete artistic expression can bring. If I were into making only pop singles, I could quite simply put down almost all of my instruments and sing a quirky little tune that gives me no freedom as an musician, or frankly as a person, but this I cannot do. I need my guitars, my amps, my effects, and my intellectual lyrics to get me by from song to song, knowing that the art I created is fresh, human, and true. Otherwise, what good is music in general. If it is nothing more than the release of human emotion, then I release it in full force. 


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