Most people who run effects in their guitar signal will at some point or another use a volume pedal for easy and quick changes in their output level. I am one of these people, yet am unlike most of them in the way that I apply it to “my” sound. Most musicians use the volume pedal primarily for a mute switch that overrides the other effects, or to even out guitar levels (ex; Les Paul vs Stratocaster), placing it after the effects which can choke them out. I run mine first in the board, so reverb, delay, and other types of time-based effects naturally trail off into the amplifiers. Not only is my volume pedal used in this way for ambient and lush volume swells, but also as a gain control for my overdrive and fuzz pedals. The lower the volume, the less load is placed on the effect, therefore it has a lower gain, and thicker sound. I have used many types of volume pedals, yet have mainly stuck with a late 60’s Fender Volume pedal, and as of late, a Mission Engineering EP2 Buffered Volume Pedal. Volume control is the simplest form of guitar signal control, yet plays such a crucial role in all other effect applications, and that is why it is so important to me. Next post, we’l be covering Wah and Expression pedals! Happy recording!


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