Wah & Expression

Let me start off by saying I am not a big fan of the obnoxiously overused sound of a wah pedal in many classic and modern recordings, but I do believe is has a certain place where it fits more naturally. When I use a wah pedal, it is almost always in conjunction with a delay and/or reverb pedal. I use the wah before these effects to make extreme modulation in real time. It’s as if using the wah as an expression or volume pedal like a swell, making the sound lush and huge without murdering everyone in the first 10 rows due to treble bleed. I also use a compressor post wah, and if at all possible, a wah with an EQ for mellower sweeps to prevent this bleed. The wah I’m currently using is a Dunlop Q95 Crybaby which I hand painted in a greek/ocean theme. This will soon be replaced by a Wilson QWah (12 position). Moving on to expression, I find this effect very useful for any musician who needs full control over their delays or modulation effects. I use a Mission Engineering SP2R, which is a dual output, and reversed polarity expression pedal that is nearly indestructible. I run output 1 to a Strymon Timeline, which controls almost anything on the damn thing, and output 2 runs to and early version of the DMB Lunar Echo. The Timeline is ran in stereo, with the Lunar Echo in mono, later on in the right output signal. I hoped this was a little helpful in trying to use these pedals for an abnormal purpose! Happy recording! 


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