Month: June 2012

Overdrive: “The angry sounding one”

In the world of guitar and other electronic instrument effects, the overdrive pedal reigns supreme. Having being copied thousands of times by hundreds of companies, it is by far the most popular effect pedal on the market today. All of these overdrives may become monotonous or similar sounding to the untrained ear, but if you really know what your listening for, you can occasionally find a gem. This is the case for the newest overdrive on my board, the JHS Morning Glory V3 Overdrive. Using cheap overdrives for most of my career, I didn’t realize what I was missing until I plugged in to a MGV3. It is a low/medium gain OD with a tone cut that helps you dial in the perfect amount of bite for whatever rig you are using at the time. From blues-like crunch, to thick, soupy fuzz, this pedal delivers it all. Next post I’ll r talking about the mother of all badass effects, the fuzz. Stay creative and happy recording!


>>>>>> C O M P R E S S I O N <<<<<<

Compression is one of the secret weapons that is almost always on in my signal chain. Using a compression pedal with a clean or “dry” blend control is key to getting the chimey, sparkle-like tone through the Stratocaster and Vox combo. For a long time, I only used the MXR Dyna Comp, but with its very limited controls and sounds, I have recently changed to a Walrus Audio Deep Six compressor. With beautiful artwork, and a Ross Compressor type sound and dry blend, this pedal is built to be used and abused, but also admired. Next week, I’ll be covering boost and overdrive. Happy recording!