The angry, the vicious, the attractively un attractive, the biting snarl of a rabid dog. These are all accurate depictions of how I use fuzz effects lie and in the studio. I prefer my fuzz to sound as if it is on the verge of sonic meltdown, yet there are very few fuzzes that can do this accurately. When I first began the quest for snarly goodness, I would stack two overdrives (a Boss BD2 and a Ibanez TS7) together I order to get explosive crunch out of me rig. I further updated to a modified Russian Big Muff, but this also did not qualify to my rigorous standards. Finally, I bought a Black Tone Arts Pharaoh last year, and with that most of my fuzz needs were fixed. With low and high gain options, and three diode selections, this fuzz will do everything I ask of it. Not only do I use it alone, but I use a JHS Morning Glory V3 before it and Fromel Effects Shape EQ after for extra gain and bite texture. Hopefully this passage will give your thoughts on fuzz and heavy overdrive sounds a different and fresh perspective. Next time, I’ll be covering EQ pedals; a necessity Happy recording!


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