My sound, or better yet the sound of any musician worse his/her salt is almost dependent on equalization of all frequencies. No matter how good you are or how long you have been playing, you will appear to be worse if your sound is sub-par. This is why equalization beyond what your guitar/amp/other types of effects can produce is crucial for sonic quality. In order to get a extremely clean and clear sound to build other sounds on top of, I use a Fromel Effects ShapeEQ running in stereo, along with most of my other effects, into a 2009 VOX AC30 and a 1978 Peavey Stereo Chorus. With a Stratocaster, I have most of the midrange frequencies tuned out for a somewhat bright and clean sound. The two buffers on the pedal are almost always on for the sake of the other effect’s sound integrity. Soon I will be adding an additional EQ pedal (an Empress ParaEq) to be used as my main sound shaping tool. The ShapeEQ will still be used, but only as a character-changing effect for my fuzz units. Next week I’ll be covering modulation and octave effects. Happy recording!


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