Stereo Career Paths

Taking a rest from my effects-based posts, today I am talking about the future. Although the thought of my success as a musician is a glamorous and somewhat pipe dream idea, there is still hope for people like me yet. Something I have always strived for no matter where or what I played, was not to be popular, but to be great. I do not measure success in what I do by sheer numbers of throngs of people who attend my shows, but rather how the art of music can shape people’s emotions, and thoughts. While I was on this small soul search, I realized exactly what my life could potentially become. As you the reader may know, I am madly in love with effects units, and am constantly trying new ones, changing the ones I have, or borrowing interesting ones from others. Through all the raucous and experimentation of tinkering with the effects, I became fluent in wiring and modifying entire pedalboards and signal chains. This is when the lightbulb finally went off. People will pay others in order to do this complicated work for them, like anything else, so why not do something that fascinates me and confuses others for a profit? I discovered that there are hundreds of these people out there, working in warehouses and shops building an entire guitarists’ rig before going on tour, and it was with this thought that I began my college transfer classes for a BS in Music Technology. Without giving up the dream of a musician, I can work hands on, with the medium I love most and not starve in the process!


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  1. We wouldn’t want you to have to change the title of your blog to: “Follow a Starving Musician”. But seriously, congratulations on the breakthrough…oh and happy recording 🙂

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