The New Girl Named Daphne

I’ve been using my beat to hell modified Stratocaster for the past 7 years everyday whether in the studio or on the road. As much as I love her, its time to look on the market for a second main electric that can take the stage when the Strat needs to take a break. I knew that a humbucker-equipped guitar (ex; Les Paul, SG) would be too beefy sounding, and wouldn’t fit with the gigantic rig I’ve already invested soo much time and money into. A single coil (prefferably a Fender) has the chimey cleans and gritty fuzz tones that almost everything electric I play needs. After searching local music stores, pawn shops, and the internet for the past few months, I finally found the perfect guitar to fix the gap that the Stratocaster cannot. I finally settled on a 1965 Fender Mustang, crafted in Japan in Daphne Blue with a rosewood fret board, with the classic Mustang single coil “in and out” of phase selections. The sound is superb, with just enough hollow tone to fit the bill that the Stratocaster needs help with. Hopefully this new addition to the family will make its way on the album before its completion this fall. We will return to effects-centered posts next time, with a focus on modulation and octave effects. Happy recording!Image


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