MoDuLaTiOn & Octave Effects

Personally I have never been one to use modulation or octave effects very much in my signal chain, but there has been a few types that have stuck with me over the years. When putting modulation into my main signal, I like to keep it very mellow, yet present enough to make my overall sound lush and vibrant. Within the confines on my triple input system, I have a EHX-XO Series Stereo Electric Mistress running out of signal “B, low gain” into the 1978 Peavey Stereo Chorus (see “The Indie Guitarist Tone Room” for triple input details). I have the Electric Mistress sitting behind a AD-9 on top of the amp, where I can control the modulation depth, speed, and blend by hand. The only other type of modulation I use other than the occasional natural modulation of the DMB Lunar Echo, comes from the Strymon BlueSky located at the end of my pedalboard signal chain. There is a setting via a three way toggle switch that changes the trails of the reverb from “Normal, Spring, Modulation”. I use the latter of the three occasionally due to the breathtakingly beautiful wash it gives to the entire sound of my stereo guitar rig. Happy Recording!


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