The Internet: “Making poor musicians feel needed since 1989”.

It sounds a bit naive or ignorant, but I couldn’t imagine a time when the internet was not available to network with other artists, to research techniques, or to book gigs. The days of begging hung over managers from a Kansas pit stop are almost at an end. The technology of the world, as well as its inhabitants have evolved, and at an alarming rate, and with that, the music industry has also evolved.

With the invention of Craigslist, artists like myself, and most of you reading this, not only could ideas be spread to other like-minded people, but instruments, gigs, and even musicians can be bartered, traded, sold, and rented out to others. This is the same way that one of the bands I was in at the time, found our drummer. Putting out a basic wanted ad for a folk/alternative percussionist, we sat back and waited for the calls to come in- nothing. We eventually got another drummer, and forgot the ad existed. Over two and a half years later, our rhythm guitarist at the time, Connor Shackleford, gets a drunken call from a guy named “Anonymous Joe”(at least, that is what we will call him for the night). He says that he has been touring for years, is sponsored by Zildian, and was looking for a fresh start musically.

At this, we told him to get himself straight, and we would bring him down to the studio to see what he had. Two months, three jam sessions, and two embarrassing gigs later, he was gone. We took this as a warning, to be extremely cautious of who we “bring home” to try out.

He was soon replaced by the best drummer we have ever had, Alex Dancy, whom which we are still trying to get in contact with. It just goes to show that although there are many people out there with the incentive to be a musician, it doesn’t always mean they should.

Happy Recording!


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