Maybe this will explain where I’ve been…



I have been extremely busy lately, between performing in a prewar blues musical, teaching guitar lessons, repairing guitars, writing music, and going to college for Music Technology. Although this is a lot to take in, when I spotted this 1970 Fender Fuzz Wah for a steal at a local music store, I had to fire back up the old blog!



Those of you who have read my blog before, you know my fetish with fuzz effects. This rare and vintage effect satisfies everything I have ever wanted in a fuzz, and even more so than dare I say my Black Tone Arts Pharaoh! Everything is still in great working order, and with a mix and volume for both wah and fuzz, I can have way too much fun and waste way too much time, much to easily. Released at the height of the Jimi Hendrix craze, Fender brilliantly combined both of his signature sounds into one (somewhat compact) pedal. The fuzz has a beautiful Black Keys circa Thickfreakness sound, while the wah sounds almost identical to a early Vox. Combined, they sound like I told my friend last night “God grinding His teeth, while Jimi Hendrix screams in the background.”



I am not totally sure why this is on the bottom of the Fuzz Wah, but I’m kinda digging it! 

Happy Recording!


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