2010 Xavier XV-910 “The world’s most underrated Epiphone Casino rip off”


I bought this guitar after being unsatisfied with my old Casino. No matter how much work I (not to mention many others) did to it, the guitar never felt “right”. Somehow, I couldn’t put my finger on whatever this problem was, and consequently sold it. In a desperate search for something similar, I ran across this guitar brand new, and untatooed in the winter of 2010. At only $350, this guitar is a steal! Its looks are extremely similar, but with GFS dog ear P90’s, better build quality, and a HUGE variety of finishes, this guitar instantly sold me. The sound of the XV-910 is breathtaking; from the way it can become whisper quiet to extremely loud and dangerous, this guitar is the Swiss Army knife of my rig.







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