It’s Time To Go Back To Work

So after a week’s vacation to Florida, I am finally back to start full on recording for Acadia. In the past few weeks, I have made a deal with Wolfhead Artistry for a promotional deal, as well as brainstorming a promotional short with local film maker Adam Shull. I’ve found that I work much better and with more efficiency when I have pressure from many sides to complete said work, therefore sealing promotional deals like those above to force my hand at creating better work.

I’ve also kicked around ideas for the theme of the album as well as a few tracks, and album artwork, making the pressure ever increasingly stronger on my shoulders. I now have a professional drummer, Zach Cormier, willing to do anything to aid in the recording aspect of the album, and Christopher Scott on other electric instruments including bass. Between the three of us and with my new looping and sampling skills, we are a force to be reckoned with.


So as you can see, Acadia is alive and well before of half of the actual album has been recorded! More exciting new will be posted soon, as well as updates and of course, the Acadia promotional video.


I leave you with a few pictures from my fun, relaxing, and always too short trip to Florida this past week.






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