I’m baaaaacckk!!

So I’ve been super busy lately trying to keep up with of my students and other clients this past week, but I have had enough time to mod my trusty Xavier! So Victoria (The Strat) went to the shop this past week with crazy neck problems, and I’ve been left with the XV-910. Since I haven’t seriously modded anything in a while, I thought I would give her a tune up, and try out an idea I had seen years ago.

The first time I saw Tom Petty on the Old Grey Whistle Test (I believe it was from 76′) I noticed something was seriously different about Mike Campbell’s Les Paul. It was a 1955 Goldtop with the original soapbar P90’s, but the covers were removed, giving it a more aggressive sound.


With this idea in mind, I removed the covers from the dog ear P90s, and re-screwed the pickups into the body. I have noticed that the clarity has improved a good deal, and looks ever better than before.


However at a gig this morning, the upper neck pickup screw apparently was not completely secured, and the pickup “popped”, literally out of place! At least this happened during a guitar break during the song, and I was able to repair it quickly! (Nothing a little washer can’t fix)

More pedal art to come soon! I’m waiting for the natural light to be perfect, and I have a new technique you guys will love! Here’s a sneak peek!



Happy Recording!